The air sound massages are given in the form of mini concert of approximately 9 minutes, for a person sitting, practiced by an artist in his back, with more close to the ears, without the touch, using small objects.
All is a matter of confidence. You will rely entirely on sound specialists, which will penetrate with deepest of you using unusual sound waves, but however very familiar. By abolishing the distance, while going in the intimacy of your head without touching you, a play of microscope is set up: The abandonment goes from himself. This true live acousmatic miniconcert (you will not see anything) will awake in you the feeling of a new life of the sounds. The history of the music does not have any more any utility: remain the life of the sounds and you.

It wakes inside you the sensation of a new sound life. The music historiography will not help you: just stay the life of sounds and you.
Two different approach are proposed since 2002:
1. The air sound massage: the massage is made by an artiste in the back of the people, very near of ear, without touching, but with little daily objects. It’s an unique occasion to work in he intimity of the people , making him earing sound textures excetionnaly ear so near . It sensibilise the spatial and inner earing. This massage work with the backearing and make enter sound really inside the head. Here sounds are travelling in the air.
2. The touching sound massage : The musician and the listener are sitting face to face. The musician play imperceptible sound or just sound listened by contact with the differents part of the ear and with the resonnators of the crane. Here your head with the capacity of bones become the resonnator. Pascal Battus have devellop this direction.

Four other directions are experiment since 2004/6:
1. The helm massage: with a noise helm , each ear is connect by a pipe related to a manual funnels allowing a total separation of stereophonic listening, of an air and osseous conduction mixed listening and of the actuation of listening in space. The listener loses any reference mark
of space and sees the world of a new glance due to transformed ears.
2. The silent massage: without sany sound production, but by simple noise filtering with bols, tubes and absorbant matierals. Those massages more philosophicals are working deeply on the inner ear conscience of listener.
3. The solidien massage in space: lie on a table, the people is listening and perceive the sound by the vibration through the wood under and around his body. The audition is by bone conduction (crâne, back,legs, shoulders, colonne vertébrale…) but too with the tactil sensation
of the wood vibration..
4. The deep air massage : using bigger objects the nearest of the ears we can without touching the sensation.